Set in motion – it reveals each step – creates shapes. It is mobility in action.

…and travelers…

Dots on the map represent lives. Their movements guide us – and vice versa.

…in rhythm(s).

In harmony, with multiple rhythms – depending on the frequency, high or low – the cadence of the world.

With local governments

Understand. Control. Decide.

Know your region better, define the transport services which meet travelers’ real needs, develop modal shares and play with both restrictions and opportunities. Data sheds light on your stage, opens to new possibilities.

Expertise dedicated to the greater good, for a future that beats to the pulse of its regions.

With operators

Improve. Simplify. Facilitate.

Analyze steps, broadcast all live and predictive travel information to as many users as possible. Compose with data to craft seamless journeys, to guide the way.

To keep the day rolling for every traveler.

With companies

Speed. Flexibility. Reliability.

Your users set the tone. Import mobility data as well as non-transport-related data. Combine and enrich them, ensure reliability, publish in real-time and in all formats, whether standard or international.

Because precision means success.
Mobility questions. Digital solutions.

Before – during – after the journey.

The travel information platform…

…that leads the way. The digital solution Navitia calculates multimodal and intermodal itineraries in real-time, provides timetables and next arrivals, traffic updates, information on carbon emissions… In short, it manages, enriches and publishes travel information simply, smoothly, and fluidly. It’s data in action.

Understanding the mobility modes…

…that sets the pace of life. Data creates patterns. Analyzing and understanding modes of mobility in a certain region, following foot traffic, that’s what Patterns is all about. Following the collection and analysis of WiFi and GPS trackers, among other data, the platform recreates origin-destination matrices, modal shares, and measures the enjoyable spaces within stations. It’s the choreography of mobility modes

Hove – behind the scenes

Hove puts data into action, working towards inclusive, shared, and sustainable mobility as part of the green transition.

2 200 2,200 datasets updated every day, and 600 coverages
60 – 100 million journeys collected each month, representing modes of transport and demographics
+8 billion +8 billion requests annually
The first to set the stage…

When an innovation answers a real need – what does it look like?

Well, it seems like it’s been around forever. And yet, through tests, improvements, incrementation, we’ve designed a new way of bringing data to life for mobility. Twenty years of rehearsals, to achieve digital solutions that keep you one step ahead

…to synchronize inclusivity and utility…

For everyone to move in unison, we’re working to make transportation more accessible, more inclusive. For the most vulnerable, but also those who are simply looking for an alternative way.
Our rhythm beats to a collective tune. The objective: to make the journey more enjoyable, more sustainable for all. Because the future we want is one where the common good – for people and the planet – is center stage.

…towards open data – and beyond.

Data used for a shared and sustainable future is data that everyone can compose with. Open data is not a fad, it’s our horizon. A horizon that democratizes access to data, which provides the keys to understanding, which enables transparency. These are values to which we are strongly committed.


And it starts here

Ready to set data in motion?
Join us.

If you too want to map new ways to the future, to trace unexplored paths, to develop a world where we travel at a new tempo… We definitely have a place for you.


We are constantly working on innovative, pioneering, or ground-breaking projects around the world.


Join over 110 data scientists, product owners, developers, devOps, urban planners and project managers

Case study
Which mobility footprint in the “next world”?
Posted On 05 Jul 2022
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